Publications about Bettina Heinen-Ayech

Newspaper and magazine articles are not taken into account. The publications on Bettina Heinen-Ayech are listed in chronological order of appearance.


1980, 1981

  • Dr. Fallet von Castelberg, Eduard: "Bettina Heinen", Kleiner Verlag, Bern, was published in a German and French edition
  • Arta Kunstverlag in Switzerland publishes two offset lithographs of works by the artist, each in an edition of 100: "North African Landscape" and "Maltese Farm".


  • Pesch, Hans Karl / Elhadj-Tahar, Ali: „Bettina Heinen-Ayech“, U-Form Verlag, Solingen


  • Kopatz, Marianne: "Bettina Heinen-Ayech, watercolors and drawings from Algeria", published by Stadtsparkasse Solingen


  • Bouabdellah, Malika / Millies, Diana / Zimmermann, Bernard „Bettina Heinen-Ayech Retrospektive 1951-1992


  • Calendar of the city of Solingen in 1993, calendar sheet for the 12th and 13th week
  • Bouabdellah, Malika “Bettina” Catalog for the retrospective in the Musée National des Beaux-Arts


  • Ulle Huth: "50 years of Solingen artists" - the chairwoman of the Solingen artist community "SK", created a documentation on the history of this community in 1996 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the community of Solingen artists in which Bettina Heinen-Ayech also presented and the importance of Artist for the Solingen cultural life.
  • Achour Cheurfi, Memoire Algerienne, Le Dictionnaire Biographique. Editions Dahlab, Algiers 1996, ISBN-9961-81-099-7. In his Lexicon of Algerian Art, the author, Achour Cheurfi, introduces the painter Bettina Heinen-Ayech.


  • Pesch, Hans Karl: "Bettina, Klaus Wiens Collection", ISBN: 3-88234-106-8
  • Mansour Abrous - Les artistes Algeriens. Dictionnaire biographique 1917-1999, Casbah Editions, Algier, 1999
  • The magazine "Fikrun Wa Fann" No. 68 (ISSN 00150932) - Arabic-language culture magazine of the Federal Foreign Office - publishes a richly illustrated report on the artist under the title "Bettina Heinen-Ayech", author: Ms. Ulrike Friedrichs
  • The on-board magazine “Tassili” of the Algerian airline “Air Algerie” publishes in issue no. 19 an extensive and richly illustrated report about the artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech. Author: Ali El Hadj-Tahar


  • First mention of the artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech in a novel. In 2000, the French publishing house - Rivages/Noir - published the novel by the well-known Algerian writer Salah Guemriche " L'Homme de la première phrase". In the story, the author has his main characters look at and analyse a painting by the artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech. PP. 77-78.


  • Mahammed Orfali, Dalila „Bettina Heinen-Ayech la nouvelle pastoral“ Katalog zur Retrospektive im Musée National des Beaux-Arts


  • Nouar Souaoua: Novella by the poet Achmed Achouri, illustration Bettina Heinen-Ayech, Algeria, 2005


  • Piro, Paul: L‘ Algerie entre Ciel et Terre, 2006, Editions Alan Sutton, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, ISBN 2-84910-493-0


1st edition
1st edition
2nd Edition
2nd Edition
  • Larak, Taieb (Hrsgb.) „Bettina, la rencontre d´un peintre et d´un pays, Bettina Heinen-Ayech et l´Algérie“. The author presented the first completed copy of this book to Federal President Horst Köhler on the occasion of his four-day state visit to Algeria.
  • Ott, Erhard and Würzner, Tobias: "The Kreuzthal on both sides of the Eschach. History - Houses", Buchenberger history book No. 4, published by the local history association Buchenberg e.V.

  • Achmed Achouri: El Ausedj fi Malaka, poems, illustration Bettina Heinen Ayech, Publisher: Smiling Algeria, ISBN: 978-9947-0-1738-8


  • Flici-Guendil, Djamila: Diwan Al-Fen, Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs et Designers Algeriens.Editions ENAG/ANEP Alger


  • Battenfeld, Beate "75 Women - Personalities from Solingen", Bergischer Geschichtsverein, Department Solingen, a contribution is dedicated to Bettina Heinen-Ayech


  • Holzberger, Rudi: "Vanishing point in Allgäu, fascination with Adelegg, Erwin Bowien in Kreuzthal", report about Erwin Bowien in his Kreuzthaler exile with contributions to Bettina Heinen-Ayech


  • Ouahlima, Mustapha / Chafika, Bendali-Hacine Bouameur / Ammar, Allalouche /  Saddek, Amine Khodja „Bettina Heinen-Ayech. Le cinquantenaire de la peinture algérienne“, Musée Public National Cirta


  • Calendar of the state insurance company CAAT - exclusively dedicated to the artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech, 2016
  • Hamadou, Farida "Maryam", in this novel the Algerian writer Farida Hamadou has the main character of her novel - Maryam - visit the artist Bettina Heinen-Ayech in a fictional plot in her studio in Guelma, Editions L´Harmattan, Paris, ss. 70-80
  • Ayech, Haroun /  El Hadj Tahar, Ali „Bettina“ Galerie d´Art Dar El Kenz Alger


  • Larak, Taieb (ed.): “Bettina, a painter's encounter with a landscape. Bettina Heinen-Ayech and Algeria"


  • Olaf Link and Hans-Georg Wenke: Unnecessary knowledge Bergisches Land. Quirky facts to show off, Sutton Verlag GmbH, Erfurt. ISBN: 978-3-96303-186-1


  • The cover picture of the renowned German art magazine "Artprofil" appears with a picture by Bettina Heinen-Ayech as the cover picture for the September / October 2021 issue. In this issue, the artist is honored with a comprehensive and well-illustrated review.